Fall Program Schedule!

PEARLS has groups all over Milwaukee!

The group list shows what sites we are in and when they take place.

Groups are typically for girls in those schools but if we are not in your school, don’t worry! We do offer a few open sites for all different ages.


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PEARLS believes that every girl is precious with unique gifts and strengths. We also recognize that teen pregnancy and lack of education are huge challenges in Milwaukee that create enormous barriers to girls seeking to reach their full potential. 

PEARLS groups are girls-only, safe-space gatherings for girls 5th-12th grade and meet once weekly at local schools and youth serving organizations. A typical PEARLS group serves 20 to 25 girls with group featuring guided conversations and activities led by an adult Program Coordinator and an assisting Teen Facilitator or Junior Program Coordinator. 

Every group starts off with the PEARLS Promise followed by our signature Self-Development curriculum based on our Leadership Compass with activities focused around healthy relationships, self-esteem, self-development and SMART goal setting.

For more information on enrollment, please check out our enrollment form and parent-guardian letter. 

"Since joining her grades have improved. I’ve noticed that now when she smiles, her smile comes through from the inside out! She’s found her self-confidence."         - Theresa, PEARLS Girl Parent