Hi, my name is Crystal Davis.

I am an Information Technology Teacher at Milwaukee College Prep. I am also a past PEARLS staff member and PEARLS alumna.

My introduction to PEARLS for Teen Girls was not traditional but the overall experience I had I believe all PEARLS girls mirror. I joined PEARLS as a data assistant the summer before my senior year of high school. I did not plan for it to last into the school year because I was nervous that I would not be as focused on my schooling, and that was important to me. PEARLS supported and assisted me in making sure I could balance everything.


They offered me a position as a Teen Facilitator. As a Teen Facilitator, I got the chance to mentor girls and join a group to officially be a PEARLS girl myself.

I enjoyed working with PEARLS girls so much and wanted to run my own group, that during my freshman year of college at Marquette University as an Education Major, I became a Junior Program Coordinator. I absolutely loved it. I worked for PEARLS until I started student teaching.


I was able to take everything I learned at PEARLS and apply it to my classroom.  Though I always knew I wanted to be a teacher because my family is comprised of teachers and I enjoy helping people to grow and learn, I was so nervous and unsure of myself as I started this path. PEARLS helped me get over the doubting voice in my head. I know that I am exactly where I need to be and doing exactly what I should be doing.

My first job was at PEARLS, my first teaching experience was at PEARLS, my second family, and first sisterhood was at PEARLS and I reached my dream because of the support of PEARLS.

I am someone who is willing to take a lead and believe in myself and others. I am someone who is willing to support the successes and growth of everyone around me. I am someone who genuinely cares about the impact PEARLS makes and that I get to make every day because of PEARLS.

Will you be someone who supports the growth and success of girls in Milwaukee today? Will you be their Shero?
Your investment in girls striving to become their best selves continues to resonate even after they leave the program, as it has for me.

We often use the phrase, “Once a PEARLS girl, always a PEARLS girl.

I will always be a PEARLS girl. PEARLS is an environment of vulnerability, safety and caring, and the girls know that. It is an environment that fosters success, striving to achieve and bright futures, and

the girls know that. It is an environment of belief, support and community, and your gift today shows them that.

Thank you for your belief in me and for your continued belief in all PEARLS girls.

With Gratitude,

Crystal Davis
PEARLS Alumna, Past PEARLS Staff Member and IT Teacher at Milwaukee College Prep