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 Hey PEARLS alum! I'm Lauren, College and Career Readiness Coordinator. I'm here to keep you in-the-know on the latest jobs, internships, scholarships, college and career support and events. And of course, how to stay connected with your PEARLS sisters. Regularly check out the resources below, we've always got new opportunities brewing.

PEARLS Family Reunion

As PEARLS for Teen Girls celebrates 25 years of being able to improve the quality of life and strengthen the community one girl at a time, what better way to honor that then to reconnect with all the remarkable people that have led us to where we are today!

Calling all PEARLS alumnae, site partners, board members and past/present staff,  join us for food, fun and family on August 10th! Please RSVP to save your spot and let us know you are coming! 

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Commonly Asked Questions

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Questions? Email or call Margaret at or 414-265-7555 x 108. 

*PEARLS Alumnae, Board Members, Site Partners and Past/Present Staff Only Please