PEARLS Alumnae Scholarship Application

Colleen Fitzgerald Legacy Scholarship Fund



All active PEARLS Alumnae are encouraged to apply. To qualify as active, applicants must have been in communication with, volunteered at, or engaged with PEARLS at least twice between April 2016 – April 2017 (see Page 5).




Include each of the completed materials below in one large envelope marked with your first and last names:

(Envelopes are available in the PEARLS office if you need one)

  1. Signed and completed Application Contract (p. 2)
  2. Completed Application Form (p. 3)
  3. Community Service Hours Log (p. 4)
  4. PEARLS Alumnae Engagement Log (p. 5)
  5. PEARLS Group Experience (p. 6)
  6. Personal Statement (p. 7)
  7. A Copy of Current College Transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable!)
  8. One Letter of Recommendation written by someone outside of PEARLS

This cannot by written by a family member or friend.

Consider asking a professor, advisor, coach, employer, or a volunteer coordinator.  



Below are the qualities that the PEARLS Scholarship Review Committee will be looking for in a qualified scholarship recipient:

  • Commitment to PEARLS and Our Mission

Tell us what PEARLS means to you and how you are living out the PEARLS values

  • Community Service

Demonstrate your commitment to being a helping hand in the community

  • Academics

Assessed by transcript review: courses taken, grades year by year, and overall GPA

The committee will also take into consideration improvement over time

  • Leadership

Demonstrate that you put your beliefs into action and strive to be a role model for others


Please submit all of your materials by 5pm on APRIL 7, 2017 to:

Attn: Ms. Sarah Tyree-Francis

PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.

1805 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53212


Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Sarah, Volunteer and

Alumnae Relations Coordinator (VARC) at (414) 265-7555 x121 or by email at