Parents And Referrals

Parents & Referrals

PEARLS for Teen Girls is a powerful leadership development program designed to help girls make positive choices and create positive futures. We believe that parents and guardians are our most important partners in helping the girls to grow and succeed. If your daughter is already enrolled in PEARLS and you want to discuss anything at all with us, ask her who her Program Coordinator is and feel free to call our office at (414) 265-7555.

To find out what’s happening, please see our Calendar of Events.

If you are interested in enrolling a girl into PEARLS, please complete the referral form and one of our programming staff will follow up with you within 48 hours. Thank for reaching out and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Goal Setting & How You Can Help

Our Belief

Whenever PEARLS girls come together they recite the PEARLS Promise. The last paragraph of the Promise states, "We want to become Powerful Women who achieve our Goals and Dreams." We the staff of PEARLS strongly believe that mastering the goal setting process is fundamental to girls’ success.

Goal Setting

Every girl in PEARLS is supported in setting at least one SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Tangible) each semester. Some examples of SMART goals are:

  • To fill out 5 job applications
  • To get my driver’s permit
  • To get a B in Math class
  • To be more respectful towards my parents
  • To save $300
  • To be on time for school everyday
  • To fill out 5 college scholarship applications
  • To fill out 5 college applications
  • To get a 3.0 or better

When identifying a goal, every girl also must consider:

  • What evidence will she provide to show that she accomplished her goal?
  • What might stop her from reaching her goal?
  • What sort of support, help and resources does she need to achieve her goal?

Throughout the semester PEARLS Program Coordinators work with girls to track and monitor progress on meeting their goals. They also help girls to address challenges and barriers to goal achievement, set new strategies when needed, reinforce what is working, and help the girls access the resources they need to be successful. They also create a group atmosphere of peer encouragement and support.

How Parents and Guardians Can Help

Because you as a parent or guardian are the most influential person in your PEARL girl’s life, you can play an important role in helping her achieve her goals. Some specific ways that you can support her success include:

  • Find out what her goal is and why she chose it.
  • Check in regularly on her progress.
  • Sign off on her goal (when applicable).
  • Hold her accountable when you see she’s not working towards her goal.
  • Assist her in getting necessary information (when applicable).
  • Celebrate her successes when she accomplishes her goal(s).
Jamila's Experience Statement

Parent Testimonials

Daphane Montriel
When I read the PEARLS Promise I was impressed by the definitions behind each letter and knew from that moment I wanted my daughters involved in this profound movement. It would have been great to have a program around when I was younger that carries out what PEARLS for Teen Girls is providing to our community. This program has been influential in shaping my daughters from the time they were in middle school and now as college students. Whenever I receive honor from others stating I have done a wonderful job with the girls I always mention the PEARLS Staff and how they help to pave the way for the girls. If I have never told you, I am forever indebted to you ALL and if ever I can do ANYTHING to carry out the PEARLS mission please know I am just a phone call away. Every girl needs PEARLS.
Theresa Royal
As a parent I believe that PEARLS has helped my daughter mature and move herself in the right direction. Since joining, her grades have improved. I’ve noticed that now when she smiles - her smile comes through from the inside — out! She’s found her self-confidence and through connections that she’s made in PEARLS she now has been accepted into Marquette University’s Tennis Program. I firmly believe that would not have happened without her being introduced to different opportunities through PEARLS.

I have always felt that I am as valued and important to the staff of PEARLS as she is. The staff is great, and I believe that they would be willing to support me just like they support her if I came to them with my own problems.

Our relationship has gotten much stronger. She’s far more open and we can actually talk. She’s become a person that I actually like, and I actually enjoy hanging around her! We’re more open & can play with each other, and even she and her mother have a better relationship. She’s no longer angry at her mother and I believe that being in PEARLS has helped her move through that. I fractured my foot last year and because it affected my income — she would come home after cashing her check and offer me half or all of it. She’d say to me, “I don’t need it. I know you probably need gas money or groceries.” This blew me away because there was a time when she would never show that level of empathy! I don’t know of many young people who are that selfless! At the time, I was so touched that I was moved to tears. I will never forget it.
Alicia George
PEARLS for teen girls is a wonderful organization. Three of my daughters are PEARLS girls. I have watched the attitudes of my daughters change and their self esteems grow. This program allows them to see the possibilities that their lives have to offer. Being a single mom I try to teach them the rights and wrongs of the choices that they make. The PEARLS organization embraces the values that I try to instill in them. I have watched my girls transform into respectful, responsible members of society. They have set goals for themselves and are striving to achieve them. I am grateful to PEARLS for sponsoring the college tour that allows them to visit places that they otherwise would not have a chance to. They give these girls an insight and a helping hand into finding out that their circumstances don’t dictate who they are and encouragement to becoming all that they can be.
Abra E. Fortson
PEARLS has been a wonderful opportunity for my twin daughters Akarah & Le’sarah Fortson. Most recently they completed a leadership training course that completely astounded me and my husband as parents. They returned from a weekend of self examination and empowerment! They have since expressed a tremendous appreciation for us as parents and have raised the level of personal expectation for themselves. Did I mention they both made the honor roll? I would encourage any parent with teen daughters to support this program. In an environment where our daughters are celebrated in such a negative way (objectification in videos and music) I welcome opportunities like PEARLS. If you haven’t checked them out please do so today!